Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wok with Yan

I grew up watching Stephen Yan in the government run channel 9 (but it was the time of the dictatorship, media was under government management, Marcos, remember?) whip up fantastic asian dishes in the canned program Wok with Yan.

He introduced his funny style of presenting the dish and cooking at the same time in front of the camera while the studio audience salivate as they wait for him to finish and share the asian gourmet food. I am always curious with his "magic powder" as he sprinkles it on top of the food magically, and mysteriously. He uses chinese cooking wine (and there was no chinese cooking wine available in the groceries at that time, its the 1980s and cooking life was much simpler then, unlike the complex choices for mixture nowadays).
Stephen Yan's chinese accent is very contagious and can really make me smile as I watch him stir up and heat up his wok. His show was an oasis in an otherwise drab television show landscape during the dictatorship. I wonder where he is now?


  1. I grew up watching Martin Yan in Canada. He's a legend!

  2. Cheryl, is Martin Yan related to the great Stephen Yan? =)

  3. i grew up watching Wok with Yan in the philippines rushing home to watch his show


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