Friday, December 11, 2009

Sizzlers' Blends

There is a new resto-bar hangout where I will surely, as always, time and again, get wasted bingeing on good food and cold bottle of beers.

Opened just this November 2009, Sizzlers’ Blends is a notch higher than the typical restaurants that are trying to carve a niche in the sizzling plate food genre. And it is not because of its location at the Mezzanine, Shoppes @ Victoria, in Timog Avenue (it is a stone’s throw away from the Delta circle area in Quezon City), overlooking the entry point from Quezon Avenue to the busy Timog strip, but because of what it has to offer.

The restaurant’s rustic but sleek interiors sets the mood for people expecting a delicious, mouth watering juicy sizzling steak experience (and I am now drooling just thinking of a perfect special cut t-bone steak grilled to perfection with the gravy bouncing on top of the sizzling plate, shit, I am losing my train of thoughts, I am getting hungry). While Sizzlers’ Blends is definitely a haven for meat lovers with its prime beef cuts coming from the batangas speaking cows of Batangas, it also offers an array of veggie and seafood viands that I bet, is at par with their meat courses (the pictures above the counter looks delicious).

I ordered the Sizzling pork sisig and it was just crunchily superb with that tiny dash of ginger taste to complement the pork chunks and is a perfect fit with a spoonful of java or even plain rice or a swig of ice cold beer. It was just as I imagined. I consider it as one of my favorite sisig preparation.

Thursday nights are band nights with easy listening full band set doing three sets of folk, rock, country, alternative, and maybe even hiphop music. The band that played the last time I was there was relaxing and can belt out songs from four different eras. The rest of the week is open for open jam. Just bring your guitar or your armpitik and realize your innermost dream of performing on stage.

I think Sizzlers’ Blends seems to operate in a 24/7 scheme with its doors open 7 days a week from 7:00 am for a filling breakfast until the late night for people who wishes to unwind over a bottle of beer, coffee, shake, and cool, discriminating music.

Sizzlers’ Blends is steady in terms of delivering that old traditional sizzling plate experience with that sinful gravy deliciously embracing the tender beef.

Their brand tag says it all: Tasteful fusion of Fire and Ice. Why? I almost forgot, they also serve crazy coffee based concoctions for that caffeine fix.

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