Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Miele Guide #*&%!

Beauty magazines makes you look ugly. And fuck those best food/restaurant guide lists!

Media is a tool utilized by the ruling class (that also controls the political, economic, and social aspect of society) to control the minds of the people to believe in whatever they want to dictate to ensure the survival of the system and maintain their hold to power. They use different tools and methods to make it appear that scientific process comes into play to arrive at empirical data that will in turn be interpreted as the determinant of what is the best, the uber, the grandest, in this blog's case, restaurant this side of Asia and the Philippines.

The Miele Guide I think represents this class arrogance as it jot down names of restaurants like a list of who's who in the society pages bumping asses with each other. As roll called by Miele Guide, the restaurants are all high-nosed chicken shit elitists, though some writers claim that some are middle ranged. I dont fucking care about the middle range claim! Even the so-called middle class (if there are any in this highly economically polarized society) wont reach the place because

1. it will require a private car or a taxi ride to reach the place depleting the already meager resources of the "middle class" for that middle range priced restaurants;

2. the restaurants' location is intimidating for the masses with its ambiance and aura that are known to look down at people who does not have that "i eat gourmet shit and can differentiate a pinot from a merlot table chauvignon fillet mignon wine" look.

Who gets to vote for these restaurants? I sure am not one of those chosen ones.

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