Monday, October 12, 2009

Eightfold Lounge

The sinful crunch followed by the soft succulent pork meat that can almost melt in your mouth still lingers in my palate and imagination. I never heard of a Thai cuisine restaurant serving crispy pata but eightfold lounge can get away with it. No shit. Who cares if they eventually decide to serve laing pizza or kebab and still call their restaurant a Thai-asian restaurant as long as the food is great. Masterful Venerable Buddha would not mind Im sure. They make a mean pork and tuna sisig, sizzling hot you'd jump over to Manila bay or guzzle all the beer and wine to quell that kick that comes from the hot spiced sisig.

eightfold lounge offers a variety of thai-asian food. The menu and the cooking does not intend to shock one's food sense but is more downright honest in reaching out and maintaining the familiar with the Filipino palate. It must be the Asian tag that gives Eightfold Lounge the leeway to offer Filipino food like crispy pata and sisig. Hell yeah, that's the trick. The hyphen (- Asian)

And of course motherfuckers, believe me, they serve thai food. Otherwise, it would just be Asian food minus the Thai (-). Although Thai food is definitely asian by categorization, I am a bit lost on the categories but with the post-modern thing, i'll just let the food do the talking. They serve a malupet and wasak ang panlasa mo sa sarap Chicken pandan, pomelo or mango salad, and Pad-Thai thus still making eightfold lounge primarily a Thai cuisine restaurant. I never got to taste or learned the other food. Honestly I tried reading their menu and plan to retain the food line-up in my mind but it was washed by the raging beer that wiped everything I planned to remember for this blog. But,

the location is great for chilling and relaxing where one can wait and check out the Manila bay sunset while sipping cold San Miguel Beer. I think they have a good collection of wine (I just think because I know no shit on wine and anyway, I observed how my cousins guzzled the wine bottle by bottle, and because the wine bottles looked good arranged in a row inside the wine cabinet) reasonably priced (Merlot, Cabernet Chauvignon, etc.)

The beer, as always, we have no choice, its a fucking San Miguel monopoly.


eightfold lounge
San Miguel by the Bay
SM Mall of Asia

to contact: just meditate and the Boddhisatvas will lead you to the 8fold path to the bay.

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