Monday, October 26, 2009

Grilled Pork Belly Daze

I am still reeling from last Sunday’s grilled pork belly fiesta fanfare that I personally grilled to the best of my ability to make it look and taste perfectly juicy with that crunchy thin strip of pork skin just hanging on to the “gate pass to the afterlife” pork fat that separates the skin from the more healthier meat part.

I am still dazed (like a hang-over without the splitting headache) with the back of my neck experiencing numb pain due to the suicidal “all you can eat” attitude attacking that perfectly looking juicy and crunchy grilled pork belly dipped in a mixture of vinegar (the simple Datu Puti/Sinilver Swan type variety), sprinkle of salt, lots of crushed fresh garlic, and a finger of hot chili pepper (optional). I thought the vinegar mix will break down the pork fat and turn it into fiber making it healthier. It was just my imagination.

It was around 11:00 am, a Sunday, when I started the charcoal burning and carefully, delicately studied the surface of the pork belly if it has that balanced yin and yang spread of salt and a dash of Professor Kikunae Ikeda’s infamous controversial fifth taste discovery that continues to raise the discussion around the world, the umami, also known as Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). And I do not want to delve into the fucking debates on the dreaded MSG. It’s just a dash of MSG anyway. You can jog, briskwalk, walk, wallclimb, prolong the foreplay before copulation to bring out maximum sweat, though I am not even sure if sweat will bring out the dreaded MSG from your body. But at least, suggested activities will have an effect to the psyche psychologically.

I prefer the basics in terms of marinating the pork to bring out its fullest potential and not be covered with sauces that hides the real essence of the pork’s taste.

Anyway, once you feel that “free wheel burning” heat that might remind you of that Judas Priest song, carefully use a thong to pick up the pork belly and line them up, carefully, one by one, on the grill. The secret, motherfuckers, to get that crunchy well donenessque full of flavor pork belly is to continually turn the meat every two minutes or less, depending on the heat. DO NOT leave the grill! Keep your eyes on the pork or the charcoal might work on some flame throwing exercise that will burn the precious pork, raising another debate on cancerous burnt meat and its effect on the ozone layer.

Once it turns golden brown, then it is done.

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