Monday, May 7, 2012

mindful breakfast take

With the entry of summer 2012, I have decided to go back and again pursue that one passion that has eluded me for sometime: cooking. I have not seriously worked myself in the kitchen these past year and just ate whatever comes my way more for utilitarian reasons. Grocery became more of a duty to fill the pantry and refrigerator of edible stuff and not as an exciting exploration of what the food aisles has to offer. With summer, I have more time at home to again prepare menu line-ups and can try to be more discriminating in choosing what to cook.

I learned a simple breakfast preparation from my sister using eggs and cheese that raised the ante of eggs to new heights in our home. My relatives would normally send cheese from the United States and we’d melt it then mix it with scrambled eggs. It partners well with bread and juice.

There are different hotdog brands in the market and there are promising brands like Victoria Hotdogs that can give Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdogs a run for their money. We used to visit Treffunkt Jederman in the corner of EDSA and Boni Serrano in Cubao before the turn of the century for their juicy veal bratwurst until the reality of our middle class life dictated that it is too much to pay 350 for a kilo of hotdog. The White King pancake mix is somewhat becoming too sweet for my taste and am looking for a less sweet instant pancake that might come near to that perfect breakfast.

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