Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fish Steak Galore

Ive been browsing the Food Magazines stacked inside the toilet whenever the call of nature arrives and the inviting succulent fish steak on the cover made me dream of concocting a delicious fish steak that the family would love. Thelma once bought slices of tuna for a song (because its price normally does not fit in with our household budget) and marinated it with Maggi seasoning and calamansi. We read that seafood should only be marinated for 30 minutes before cooking to maintain its freshness and taste.

So after 30 minutes of marinating, we heated the pan and put in margarine then the fish. Then we sprinkled salt and pepper and cooked both sides at 3 minutes each. It was panalo and so we tried blue marlin and believe me, it was juicy and very restaurant-elegant in terms of taste. It must be the kind of fish that defines it. I tried Dory today but it did not have that same refreshing taste while retaining that "lasang gilik" tang in the palate. But hunger is the best viand so we enjoyed it just the same.

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  1. Lintik naman sa sarap nyan, Louie!
    -Domeng in Chicago


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