Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Porstik for a bad day

My hangover from last Friday's killer spree spilling over to Tuesday, was it David Pewter singing "Bad Day" running in my head?

Waking up drowsily at 4:30 a.m with no recipe in mind, I thought of an easy preparation that will entice Andres to wake up and savor his breakfast. What could be easier than a Pork Steak Tagalog or Visaya or whatever regional bias one has, swimming in soy sauce and packed with onions. Its a less expensive version of Bistek (beefsteak) and can be prepared in a snap. There are however certain mixes needed to reach the desired taste. One should balance the chi between the soy sauce and calamansi to get that perfect pork steak sauce. Good thing we live near the market, so we rushed to get lean good fresh pork while preparing the ingredients. Cutting up the garlic, onions, and calamansi at 5:00 in the morning somehow uplifted my sagging spirit knowing that there is a delicious pork steak with steaming hot rice waiting at the end of the crying game. Just put everything in the pot, let it simmer, and everything will fall into place. Tenderizing the pork is fast and that pinch of sugar, some milk, and tons of onion will assure you that complete pork steak goodness.

A good pork steak Tagalog on a bad day is not bad.

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