Monday, March 14, 2011

Korean Flow

We stayed at A.Venue Residences along Makati Avenue last weekend and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere it offered our weary petty bourgeois souls. The children enjoyed the 24 hour airconditioned room and swam in the cold infinity pool overlooking the Makati skyline. I enjoyed everything Korean that I ate on that 24 hour vacation cycle.

For our afternoon snack we went to a Korean Mart located in the former Makati Mart in front of the former International School in Kalayaan Avenue. We checked out the grocery alleys full of korean goodies and we opted for a homemade kimchi, instant Korean noodles, and those green chili peppers that are not so spicy and can be eaten raw. The Kimchi is just so good to the palate and mixed well with the Korean instant noodles and green chili peppers.

For dinner, we walked along Makati Avenue and enjoyed the night breeze in a surprisingly not so traffic snarled saturday night. We found a couple of Korean restaurants and settled in a Korean hotel and restaurant joint called Ingwasan. The restaurant looks seedy and dated with menu in Korean characters plastered on the walls. It felt like working class Korea and that gave the place that needed flavor. We ordered bbq pork and beef stew and believe me, it was the most simple preparation I've seen in the history of my Korean food escapade but it actually made my palate quiver. The pork bbq cut in bacon like strips was served in a sizzling plate with sesame seed oil mixed with salt and pepper on the side as dip. The usual Korean side dishes are arranged in a row while the piping hot beef stew filled with beef strips and glass noodles played its role as soul food provider. Satisfied with that night's food adventure, we walked happily to our hotel.

Lunch the following day brought us to Korean Village in Nakpil St., Malate,Manila. This place is the basis of all our Korean food experience, the gauge if the other Korean restaurants do offer good food. It used to be near the Remedios Circle but its transfer never altered the recipes, the taste, the food, and the people. We've been going to this restaurant for almost 15 freaking years and it never changed. The assorted bbq is still Korean heaven. The beef stew is to die for, and everything else still just falls into its proper place in that Korean Village Restaurant we so dearly love.

Before going home, we bought some pork sliced thinly and some korean sauce for marinate. Its going to be another Korean dinner tonight.

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