Tuesday, February 15, 2011

ilocano cuisine at the back of UST

At the back of the Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas sits a pure unadulterated Ilocano restaurant that serves slam bang ilocano food that is right to the taste and pocket. M & M's Eatery is Ilocano through and through (I guess M & M's stands for Manong & Manang's).

I personally love their grilled pork mixed with spices that bring out the grilled porkiness of pork. Served with rice and their side soup, it is Ilocos sur and Norte combined in good old Dapitan Street. It is a pure ilocano delight because the staff speaks ilocano and the store is fronting the Maria De Leon Bus Transit that services the guess what, the fucking Ilocos route. How Ilocano can you get with that proximities to the Ilocos culture? They also cook the killer Papaitan with the soup thickened by pork entrails. M & M's Eatery is an unassuming restaurant that can give the big ones a run for their money.

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