Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Globe Lumpia House

Globe Lumpia House brags the fact that they have no other branch in the whole world except the one in Raon (less known as Gonzalo Puyat St.). Alongside the electronic gadgets and fullblasting videoke machines for sale is a small eatery that only sell three items: Fresh Lumpia, Empanada, and softdrinks. No more, no less.

People flock the place (it is near the corner of Raon and Quezon Blvd.) like Quiapo devotees praying for a miracle only that they receive their miracles immediately once they take a bite on the precious, heavenly lumpia. Its like purgatory inside the sauna-like store as you patiently wait for your turn to be served but everything turns out heavenly once you greedily bite your lumpia oozing with peanut sauce or hide it inside your bag to take home. I saw how the Lumpia master prepare his opus and I timed it at 1 seconds. It has been this way since 1952.

Globe Lumpia preparation

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