Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Top 10 Oldest Restaurants in Manila


A very interesting article I read that I want to share for reference in your next Manila adventure. Ive tried all the restaurants except New Toho and I still come back to all of them for more surprises.

Savory Restaurant is now in the mainstream again with branches sprouting all over SM malls. But I cannot forget the times past when my family would eat out in Savory Restaurant Cubao or Escolta.

Ramon Lee Restaurant reminds me of dated Chinese movies and would expect Bruce Lee to come out of the kitchen to chase Abdul Jabbar and Chuck Norris away.

Ma mon Luk, well, it is as present as my present disposition. I still eat their Asado Siopao with gusto and learned to mix their magic sauce in the siomai soup.

Ambos Mundos (though we frequent its sister restaurant Wah Sun more often) with its Lengua Estofada and world dishes would make me classify it as way ahead of its time when it was established in 1888. A good place to take photographs for its interior ambiance.

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