Monday, March 22, 2010

Viet Spring Roll

Watching Anthony Bourdain on a Sunday morning tour around Vietnam eating whatever comes his way just triggered my mint button that left me craving for Vietnamese food. I always remember Vietnam food with that minty aftertaste and a feel good guilt free feeling knowing it is prepared in a healthy way. I bet Ho Chi Minh would not live that long to defeat U.S imperialism if he did not indulge in healthy Vietnamese foods.

So Sunday evening dinner was Vietnamese food craving day. Thelma discovered the greatest Rice paper used for spring roll and just followed the instructions printed on the package and voila! a fucking great Vietnamese Spring Roll with all the works on the sides for that authentic feel bringing you in unity with the great Vietnamese people who fought for freedom and democracy but is now reverting back to their old semi-colonial and semi-feudal set-up, no thanks to the revisionists in the communist party. But let me get back to the spring roll track.

Viet Spring roll ingredients include Lettuce, boiled pork, boiled small shrimps, and vermicelli. You just dampen the rice paper then put everything inside then roll it like a big ganja ready for a light.  For the sauce, I forgot the complete mixture but its got real yellow lemon and crushed garlic and some magic sauce that I would rather keep secret because I forgot. Anyway, everything you need to do is printed on the package. The Spring Roll in itself, however, cannot stand alone and must be in tandem with the magic sauce. But once the jumbo spring roll is dipped on the sauce, then all hell breaks loose inside your mouth as the wonderful Vietnamese Spring Roll gives out its magic taste that linger on until the next Vietnamese food craving. 

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