Monday, March 15, 2010

Roaring Tomato Kicked Pizza and Pasta

Another Friday hunger led us to Tomato Kick, a restaurant overlooking the noisy speeding tricycles along Maginhawa Street in a spot housing a hodgepodge of interesting stores from a wasak bookstore to a Tattoo shop.

Tomato Kick is interesting to look at passing through Maginhawa St with its bastion like location that can serve as an observation deck for those specializing in tricycles doing their shit on the road. The early evening crowd in the joint was dynamic and full of joie de vivre in spite of the heat and the guess what, the roaring tricycle sound.  We took our place and prayed that Paco won’t wake up while we partake of our evening repast with Ponso who enjoyed running up and down the slanted walkway while waiting for our food.

We ordered Pizza with garlic and cheese, Pasta with grilled vegetables, a bottle of beer, and Tropicana orange juice.  The bottle of beer was perfect. It is San Miguel Beer pale pilsen and it went well with the pizza that is really not so spectacular. It is just a pizza but still better than the ones sold by those box type outlets with ready made pizzas they heat in an oven placed on top of a gas burner, or something to that effect. The taste is on the safe side though. Its garlic and cheese on top of an 8” thin crust has that nothing can go wrong type of preparation.

The pasta with grilled vegetable is enjoyable especially for the hungry lot. Vegetables include, but I guess is not limited to, zucchini, eggplant, tomato, and garlic grilled to release its savory flavors.  It was good, actually. It’s got that nothing can go wrong type of preparation, too.  Except that they did not use olive oil which could have turned up the food tastemometer two to three notches higher.

The food trip generally became a compare and contrast thing as we compared the Tomato Kick taste with our staple food preparations at home as we even use almost the very same ingredients. 

It was good learning that our typical food fare at home that we cook during our weekday breakfasts at 4:45 am in the morning can actually draw-in a motley crowd of people who enjoys their tricycle roaring sounds and knows their pizza and pasta without blowing their pockets.

Tomato Kick
55 Maginhawa St.
UP Teachers Village, Q.C.

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