Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Froggz Clogz

I enjoy reading local and international food magazine and ogle at the delicious looking food preparations and gobble up the details of recipes which I normally would not give a damn trying because I find the ingredients just so meticulously meticulous. Of course I cook but not that grand, yet, where I can publish recipes created by myself. Being a cook or a chef is a tedious and tiring work. I am not even excited to clean up all the pots and pans piled up high at the kitchen which is part of kitchen work.

But I have a new chef clogs courtesy of my sister and brother in law. They gave it to me as an advance gift for christmas, i think. It looks like the more famous Crocs clogs but is called Froggz. Original names, isn't it? Reptiles both. It is used by Hotel and Restaurant Management students and its got a non slip sole apt for oily kitchen floors.

This is a good start for my cooking career.

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