Monday, November 9, 2009

Banapple Experience

I am still sleepy after a marathon seminar, partying, drinking, chatting from Saturday until 7 am Sunday in Antipolo City. Sunday afternoon after the link of events brought me back to my house all wasted and at a loss walking like a zombie, fucking affected with even the tiniest hint of brewing noise or distraction, just looking for the bed and the time to recover.

A good early afternoon snack at the Banapple Pies and Cheesecakes along Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City where I was picked up never lifted my sagging physical body. Try as I may to lift my spirits with a juicy looking hamburger, it still did not affect my tired disposition. Hamburger was juicy and thick all right but its only the presentation that got me attracted. I was not impressed with the taste.

But I did taste their lasagna and that might be the reason why people pack the small cramped but cutely chummily decorated hole beside my friend's house. The lasagna is "i'll dance the pogo like a shaker in trance" ecstasy. I eat lasagna, I might not know a great deal about what constitute a good lasagna like that fat cartoon cat, but Banapple's lasagna is just hell on earth for satanists who dreams of meeting satan horn to horn. Its so hot! It has a taste that is bitingly twisted. You put it inside your mouth, let it stand there as your taste buds study its taste contours and there you can taste that twisted taste. The spice combination is just perfect.

Even their tapa was pleasingly tapastic! Their rice can stand alone. It looked more than steamed. It has a greenish shade topped with some leaf garnishing.

Banapple is known for their cakes. We did order two slices of cakes. One has strawberry and white as coupon bond icing and the other was brown with some pecan as filling. The cakes were sweet. I bet it has sugar.

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