Monday, October 15, 2012

Serve the Kaluto

I freak out when I see books dealing with cooking and food and anything related to it. Just yesterday, I bought a book Serve the People: a Stir-fried journey through China by Jen Lin-Liu. She has a journalism degree in the United States but went on to become a chef or a restaurant owner in China, i think. I have not fully devoured the book but it is very interesting and funny. She is very witty.

What I am looking for is the book Kasaysayan ng Kalutong Bayan written by Milagros Enriquez. I came across her book in the internet when I was looking for old recipes and the food served during historic occasions in the Philippines. In the internet, the last post selling reprint copies of this book was a 2009 multiply account. I checked some libraries but the book is not available. I am still hopeful that I can find a copy.


  1. Hi Sir Aloysius! Your blogs are great. I wonder how you got interested with blogging.. Tell me as soon as you read this.. :)

    1. Thanks Gracy Gray for your comment. I got interested with blogging to practice my english. I have a feeling that it never improved since I started blogging. But as they say, practice makes perfect. =) Thank you very much.

  2. Regarding the book of the late food historian mila enriquez' kasaysayan ng kaluto ng bayan, only the family sells the cookbook you may contact mr bong enriquez if you are still interested 09162534748... It cost 350.00 but he lives in bulacan....


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