Monday, November 22, 2010

Stock em with Beef

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Lucky for me to have the opportunity to have a freezer well stocked with Beef this week. I salivate just thinking of the beef possibilities in store in the over freezing refrigerator freezer. Thelma bought beef in Tagaytay City, a place fighting the claim as the beef capital of the Philippines. Then a beef sale in our community supermarket added a couple more beef meat in our freezer. Last Saturday, it was a simple Beef stew garnished with tomatoes that brought the house down. Slow cooking at its finest as the flavory smell floats through the living room. The tomatoes gave that natural sour taste balanced by a perfect dash of sugar. Then Sunday evening, we tried another traditional beef recipe, the Bistek Filipino, or beefsteak. Like Bistek = beefsteak, digs? Its beef swimming in a combination marinate of soy sauce, calamansi, a dash of sugar, and garlic. After a few minutes of marinating the beef, boil it in water until tender then put in fresh shallots to counter the salty taste coming from the soy sauce. Good for eating!

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