Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sauces from Mars

The truth is, I am forever in awe over the millions of sauces and flavorings and food pastes and everything bottled that can blend in the main food courses adding flavors that can bring out your smiles or smirks depending on your taste and mood.

I walk along the grocery aisles and I slow down as I pass by the bottled mysteries that I have not unlocked due to my limited knowledge on using them, bringing to light my conservativeness in my cooking style and taste. Most bottle labels are written in different languages that further heightens my interest but at the same time hinders me to purchase and use it precisely because of the same reasons. I think grocery owners should label and maybe put some information on the uses of these sauces and condiments and shit to educate us and expand our taste knowledge for a better world, and taste, and palate, and uh, peace and unity for mankind, and to end war and climate change?.  


  1. you're kidding me, you have a eating/foodie blog too? i used to too :P check out my archives:


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