Wednesday, January 13, 2010

no taste, i mind

I am someone who has vetsin in the tongue. Almost every food taste delicious. I try to look at the positive side of every food I eat and not delve on the negative vibes that sometimes comes with the service or the lack of preparations thereof.

But at the moment, I am stuck with a bad case of flu-like symptoms that numbed my taste buds giving me that helpless feeling of not being able to experience that mystical joy I encounter everytime I have my repast. Shit, and I was craving for Tinolang Manok this early morning and it was given to me according to my word with a side dish of quesadillas meant for Andres' breaktime food in school. Fucking soul foods for my freaking cravings and I cannot taste it because of my snot-filled nose.

But just the same, I indulged with the early morning blessings only to eat lowly because of that blind taste that creates a barrier between me and the tinola and the quesadilla. I just used my imagination and recalled how tinola and quesadilla should taste and was swept in the drowsiness of the morning rush that never uplifted my sagging numb taste.

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